Listed below are local resources for authors you may find helpful. These are either partners we’ve collaborated with, or have been endorsed by our network. If you or someone you’re acquainted with aligns with our values and provides author services, we encourage you to get in touch!

Writing Guidance

Passages & Prose

Passages & Prose, LLC was founded in 2014 by author Lillie Leonard. Lillie is a twice-traditionally published author with Hay House. She has collaborated extensively with authors, booksellers, libraries, multi-media agencies and non-profit organizations to promote authors and literary events throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. Prior to her second chapter career as a writer, Lillie served as a law enforcement professional with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Pittsburgh Division. She distinguished herself as a 9/11 responder.

Lillie’s primary mission is to help authors cultivate, navigate, publish and promote their creative works. Currently more than 50 authors collaborate on literary endeavors. Lillie has also successfully assisted to negotiate a film and/or television series option as well.

Passages & Prose, LLC continues to focus on new voices and projects, particularly spiritual memoirs with an angelic element, near death or paranormal experience that provides a new and authentic perspective, historical or inspirational romance stories with unique settings and family tales of the past that transcend generations. Preferred genres remain general fiction, historical and inspirational romance, meta-physical and urban paranormal.

Contact info:
Lillie Leonardi
(724) 889-7762

Meet the Muse: Gina Mazza

Everything that Gina has achieved in 30+ years as a writer, author, journalist, book editor, publishing consultant, talent/acquisitions editor, intuitionist and communications / marketing pro is in support of YOUR writing and publishing dreams. Gina and her team can support you every step of the way on our writing journey.

You’ll experience steady results because we will set goals around your desired outcomes, and your delight in the journey of getting there will be its own reward. The project can be anything in word form: a print or e-book, movie script, presentation, keynote, web/blog content, advertising/branding campaign,
family memoir, pitch deck, sales letter, magazine article, academic dissertation, you name it.

Dramatic innovations in the publishing world have brought with it both freedom and a lot of confusion. Honestly, it takes someone impartial and well-rounded in all aspects of writing and publishing to help you make an informed decision about your project. Gina has worked and played with words on a professional basis for four decades—the first one in corporate communications and marketing, and the last three as a journalist, author, and poet, alongside nurturing the careers of other writers. She has helped her clients go onto secure literary agents, land book/film deals, build successful brands and enjoy exciting freelance careers.

Contact info:
Gina Mazza

Editing & Proofreading Services

Helluva Editing Company

Copy/Line Editing Package and Proofreading services for fiction manuscripts.

Contact info:
(931) 287-7606

No Filter Editing

Developmental, Copy, Line editing of everything from blogs to manuscripts!

Contact info:
Elizabeth Crook

Literary Pearl Editing Services

Services offered: Developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading, and manuscript evaluations.

Contact info:
Meghan Kleinschmidt
(219) 515-0454

Three Fates Editing

Services: developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, manuscript critiques. Specializing in science fiction and fantasy.

Contact info:
Sarah Liu

Whitney’s Book Works

My services: Developmental, line, and copy editing, proofreading, formatting, blurb writing, book coaching.

Contact info:
Whitney Morsillo

The Book Forge

Services: copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, and beta reading.

Contact info:
Brianna Brewer

Gemini Wordsmiths

For manuscripts: Manuscript Guidance (review and critique), Developmental Editing, Line Editing (proofreading), Screenplay Editing, Short Story Editing.

For gaming (RPGs, board and card games): Rules writing, editing, and play testing.

Ghost writing social media and business development: We edit your materials, and create them when needed.

Contact info:
Ruth Littner and Ann Stolinsky
(215) 605-5231

Jennifer Upton Writing & Editorial

Services I provide: Ghostwriting, content creation for blogs, editing, proofreading, manuscript appraisal, book development.

Contact info:
Jennifer Upton

Hodgepodge Solutions

Nonfiction Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor, and Book Coach.

Contact info:
Audrey Hodge

Debra Sanchez

I offer complete translation services for all kinds of documents. I also offer editing and manuscript formatting. Reasonable rates. Highly recommended.

Contact Info:
Debra Sanchez

Andi McCraine

I am currently offering copy editing, proofreading, and paid beta reading services.

Contact Info:
Andrea McCraine


*Traditional — the Publisher takes on the financial responsibility of publishing the book and receives most of the proceeds. The author receives a royalty
and discounts on the purchase of his/her book.

*Subsidy — the Publisher and the Author share the financial responsibility for the project and the rewards…in varying proportions depending on the
business model of the publisher.

*Self/Publisher ISBN — the Author is responsible for all the costs and pays the Publisher for services. The Author then receives the largest share of the
proceeds, and the Publisher receives a fee for each book ordered. The individual contract with the publisher will determine how much. Some publishers own the ISBN, and the self-published author is considered an “imprint.” Some self-published authors prefer to own their own ISBN and do the registration themselves.

Aurora Corialis Publishing
Regardless of where you are now—anywhere from the twinkling spark of an idea to a full-fledged manuscript, burning to get in the hands of your rader—we can help! We offer ghostwriting, book coaching, book editing, cover design, illustrations, and more, as well as publishing services.

Contact info:

Tree Shadow Press
“Dedicated to different,” we offer a variety of extraordinary books that celebrate a wide range of interests. We also offer referrals for editing and formatting services to writers.

Contact info:

Red Engine Press
We publish books traditionally or on contract. We do personalized agreements to suit the goals of our authors.

Contact info:

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